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2014 Junior Golf Schedule

  • Saturday, April 5th   Junior Golf Season Kickoff   (18 Holes)    Mill Pond
  • Sunday, April 6th      Junior Golf Season Kickoff II  (18 Holes) Mill Pond
  • Saturday, May 17  Junior Golf Spring Break  (18 Holes) Smithtown Landing
  • Sunday, May 18    Junior Golf Spring Break II (18 Holes) Smithtown Landing
  • Saturday, July 26   Junior Golf Summer Bash (18 Holes)      Spring Lake
  • Sunday, July 27      Junior Golf Summer Bash II (18 Holes)   Spring Lake
  • Saturday, August 23    Junior Golf Last Chance (18 Holes)  Mill Pond
  • Sunday, August 24       Junior Golf Last Chance II (18 Holes) Mill Pond
  • Saturday, September 27  Junior Golf Fall Classic (18 Holes) Smithtown
  • Sunday, September 28 Junior Golf Fall Classic II (18 Holes) Smithtown
  • Saturday, October 18,    Junior Golf  Launch to 2015  Mill Pond Golf Course
  • Saturday, November 8,  Junior Golf Season Finale (18 Holes) Mill Pond  


Global Recreation Networks Mission is the “Amateurs are treated like professionals”. Each tournament will feature:

  • Professional Photographer and videographer at each tournament
  • Feature Stories of all the matchups on our website
  • Player and coach interviews before and during the tournament
  • Live web stream at some of the holes
  • Player statistics and series leaders (featured on our website)
  • Plus many more features to be introduced in the upcoming months….

Play the Best, Play USSSA!


Check out the article on USSSA Junior Golf in “Golf on Long Island”

USSSA preparing to launch its 2013 Junior Golf Tour on Long Island

The road to Florida for the USSSA Junior Golf Championship begins in just a few weeks for Long Island golfers between the ages of 9 and 18.

The 2013 USSSA Junior Golf Tour launches this April, and once again, local boys and girls will have the opportunity to compete for a spot on the national stage in Orlando. Its first event is scheduled for April 6-7 at Spring Lake Golf Club in Middle Island.

GRN logoRegistration is open through the Global Recreation Network, which operates the Long Island branch of the USSSA Tour. Global Recreation’s first full year running the local Tour was a success, and president and CEO Ray Coyne is hoping to build on that momentum in 2013. After the Tour opener at Spring Lake, GRN will hold five more tournaments at several Long Island courses from the end of April through September. Winners of the qualifying tournaments receive a berth in the Junior Golf Championship this summer at ChampionsGate Golf Club, a Greg Norman design just 15 minutes from Walt Disney World in the Sunshine State.

In addition, all junior players that participate receive pro-style treatment courtesy of the GRN staff. “Our mission with every sport we organize is to treat amateurs like professionals,” Coyne says. “We want every kid that participates in our events to have an incredible experience no matter what skill level.”

USSSA Golf LogoVideographers and staff reporters are on hand at the events to conduct interviews with each player, some of which are streamed live on the GRN website, and photographers capture memorable images on and off the course. Last season, Coyne recalls, a player’s grandparents were unable to attend an event, but instead watched their grandson play the final three holes live on a GRN web stream. “This brought smiles to their faces and turned the grandson into a celebrity for just one day,” Coyne says.

Players can register in three age groups: 9-11, 12-14 and 15-18. Entry fee for the Spring Lake tournament is $145 for the 12-14 and 15-18 age groups (36-hole event) and $90 for the 9-11 group (18-hole event). In 2012, three Long Island participants advanced to the national tournament — Ted Sieban (15-18), Matthew Galindo (12-14) and Ryan Katiraei (9-11). Photos, videos and player profiles from the 2012 Tour can be seen in the Junior Golf section of the GRN website.

The next qualifier is scheduled for April 27-28 at Mill Pond Golf Course.

GRN is also offering a new option for first-time junior golfers, a combination of lessons and recreational competition designed, Coyne says, to allow “every participant to enjoy the game and always want to return.”

For more information on the Junior Tour and all its offerings, visit or contact Ray Coyne at (631) 482-3264, ext. 701, or e-mail

USSSA, a leading national sports association best known for slow-pitch softball, gives amateur athletes the chance to compete in local and national championships in a growing number of sports. USSSA’s Junior Golf Championship Tour is one of the association’s newest offerings. Based in Mount Sinai, Global Recreation Network runs USSSA events and tournaments on Long Island, including adult softball, youth baseball and junior golf.






Player Profile: Matthew Galindo

by Russel Blatt

Matthew Galindo may be headed to the golf team at Saint Anthony’s High School in the spring of 2013, but his goal is to play on the PGA (Professional Golfer’s Association) tour one day.

Galindo, of Nissequoque, won the first GRN/USSSA Junior Golf Tournament at Smithtown Landing on Sunday, May 20, 2012.  Although winning by 14 strokes, Galindo felt he started off below his abilities.  After telling me that he “woke up” and started to play better, I asked Galindo to explain that a little further.  “My dad wasn’t there at the beginning but as soon as he got there, he got me focused and he got me back on track.”  Galindo explained to me that his dad “carried his bags” and helped him read the course.  Matthew’s father, Russ Galindo has been playing golf for at least twenty years according to Matthew, and is always there by his side helping him on the course, reading the greens and the courses.  Matthew used every word except “Caddy” when referring to his father, an obvious sign on respect for the man who has taught him the game that he loves.

Matthew first remembers playing when he was about seven years old.  He hated the sport.  He thought it was difficult and it became annoying to his to even swing a club  However, he fell in love with the sport when he changed where he played.  The change of atmosphere the people around him and of course, being around his father brought a passion to the game that is still growing.

Although he won this tournament, he told me that he felt his level of play was never greater than an 8 out of 10.  Obviously tough on himself, considering he was the winner, Galindo explained to me that his focus on the first day and his putting were not up to par (pardon the pun).  He hopes to play fifteen tournaments this summer and although he won this past week, his favorite tournament was last year at Crab Meadow.  The competition drove him and he finished third in a highly competitive group.  Looking back, that was one that stood above the rest.

If you are looking for Matthew, try looking on golf courses in Suffolk County.  He practices about fifteen to twenty hours a week and he prides himself as a long hitter.  Matthew also plays soccer for an accomplished travel team on Long Island and he mentioned that it is hard to find the right balance to practice enough to reach his PGA goal.  He prefers golf over soccer.  He loves how in golf, “Everything is up to me.  If I do well, it is because of me and if I don’t I can only blame myself.”  In a team setting, although he considers himself a great teammate he does not like that failures can be because of other people.  He wants all the weight on his shoulders and the responsibility that comes with it.

To read more about Matthew Galindo and his tournament win at Smithtown Landing, click the link here to read about the tournament and to see an interview with Matthew, click this link




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